Cravers – a mobile application that bridges the connection between the home

chefs and the food lovers who are craving for homemade foods. This platform is a

solution for those people who have difficulties finding hygienic and affordable

food to fulfil their daily needs, spatially from someone who is a home cook, not


As we all know in our country general working people are facing a huge problem for daily food and people are hardly getting hygienic food. Besides that, there are a lot of men and women are staying at home and doing only basic house chores. It offers an earning opportunity for these people as well.

In Cravers app, homemade foods made by a home cook can sell their food and customer can order those foods. They ensure timely delivery and hygienic factor of the food. With the help of their platform, both parties will be benefited. Their work will create a positive impact on society.

Problems We Are Solving

Demand-side problem 

Working people are facing a huge problem for daily food and people are hardly getting hygienic food.

Supply-side Problem 

Besides that, there are people who stay at home and cook for their family and doing only basic house chores. They can easily sell their extra foods at Cravers and earn some good amount of money.

Service and Its Delivery Process 

The final product of Cravers is homemade food which is delivered to the customer by the cook or the buyer or in a mutual way. All things start with home chef acquisition. Cook include all the information on the app providing the Food image, Food category, Food name, Description, Price and Quantity. The app will also ask for the Food availability date and Delivery option. Once Cravers verify all the information added by the cook, it’ll make the food live for all the buyer. The customer then can order those foods from the Buyer interface. We monitor all the process and get feedback from the customer after delivery. If there is any problem, we investigate the matter and take action accordingly. Customer can give a review to the home chef and it is open for all to check the feedback of those home chefs. They conduct random kitchen inspection daily. They do it so that chefs can maintain a clean kitchen.

There are multiple food delivery apps available in the food market eco-system. Uber Eats, Menu log are the most preferred and used food delivery app. But what they are doing is, they are delivering the only restaurant made foods, not the homemade ones. So we are not competing with these food delivery apps at all. We have a unique prospect and in this food market, we’re the only one who is providing this kind of service.

To our best knowledge, this is an untapped market. People would love to sell their foods from home but unfortunately, there was no platform to support those people till now. So, we can clearly say that restaurants have Uber Eats and home cooks have Cravers. With this app, anyone can have the opportunity to earn a decent income by selling their home made foods, without spending a single penny to set up a restaurant. So, this is the golden opportunity for you to join the party of home cooks. To know more about the app and how to use the it, please fill our contact form here and we will get back to you.

Stay tuned for the Android and iOS App to be available on the marketplace very soon.