Passionate about cooking?

Sell your homemade foods through Cravers. Cravers, an app getting launched in Australia soon to help local Homemade cooks sell their homemade foods to local areas through a mobile app.

As we all know there are many food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Zoomato, Deliveroo, but their service is only limited to restaurants and consumers. It is really a big vacuum market where there is a gap for an app for homemade cooks. The app should allow the local residents of multiple states in Australia to order homemade foods and home cooks to sell their homemade foods. This app should also help to grow a new sector in the Australian economy. There is no such app like that to our knowledge that makes a bridge between Homemade cooks and consumers.

At last there will be an app that can fill the gap in the vacuum. In this post-COVID-19 world, contactless trading becomes a very important issue for people & Cravers will make it possible to deliver foods to consumers directly from a safe home kitchen. Cravers make it really easy for the home cooks to operate their own home-based micro-business kitchen. Cravers will also let the local home cooks use this app as a handy and easy to use tool so that they can attract and sell hungry local consumers. By using this app, cooks can make their own homemade food menus, manage orders, and get paid easily.

A Home cook is preparing healthy food

For a hungry and busy person, Cravers app will open a new window to discover their local homemade foods in their own community. They can also choose from a wide range of healthy, affordable menus made by home cooks from around the world. This unique concept of making your home kitchen into a home-based restaurant is more convenient, more affordable, and accessible. It certainly created a golden opportunity to expand the community economy in Australia. However, in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, this kind of opportunity was surprisingly essential for some businesses who lost their shop or local stores due to the lockdown. Cravers app will offer an alternative stream of income specially to those people who are trying to earn something while staying at home.

The primary purpose of making Cravers is to deliver homemade foods to the customer’s doorstep. By selling their homemade foods they can also earn some money. This app will let the consumers eat healthy, fresh, affordable, and hygienic home-cooked foods by just a click of a thumb. Cravers will offer delightful and delicious ‘ready to eat ‘meals from a daily-changing handpicked menu, to your doorsteps. Right now, this app is the only solution for the people of Australia who have difficulties finding hygienic and affordable food to fulfill their daily needs.

The long wait is over. With Cravers — the only Homemade Food Delivery app, you will be able to order your favorite Home made food and can satisfy your cravings

Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming weeks.